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Handmade Functional Pottery

About Us

Why NZ Designs Studio

I'll be honest when we came up with the name New Zealand was not on our mind. We were thinking of the best way to combine our names of Ncole and Zahava. Honestly it was more of an omage to my father's late business of NZN Jewelry; Nachum, Zahava and Nicole. My sister came after the business name had already been established. So the NZ is just the first initials of our name.

Nicole and Zahava

We are a mother daughter team who seek to create our passion. We work together and separate on all different art mediums and no stone will be left un-turned. We inspire each other and continue to strive for greatness. 


My mother instilled in me passion from the get go. From the age of six she made sure that I got an opportunity to experience it all. From pastels, to pottery, horseback riding lessons to ballet. She always wanted to make sure I had an opportunity to try new things. She taught me to never stop trying and she made me the woman I am today. With my mother by my side we can continue to push each other to continue to create beautiful things. Our candle still burns bright.